Our People Strategy

Our people are the greatest asset we have. Every person plays a critical role in improving our schools and enabling our pupils to flourish.

At St Christopher’s we are being intentional about how we:

  • ‘Discover’ the best education professionals while they discover us and what we can do for them
  • ‘Welcome’ every staff member and support in a way that enables them to perform from day 1
  • Ensure our staff feel they ‘Belong’ to both their school and Trust; feeling valued, supported and heard
  • ‘Grow’ our staff to enable them to realise their full potential in line with their aspirations

As a forward thinking and aspirational employer, we believe in offering a working environment that celebrates individuality, diversity and inclusion and represents the communities we serve. We are committed to equality of opportunity and excellence in all our people practices, from our recruitment, induction and welcoming of new staff to our policy setting, employee voice practices and career development opportunities.