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Our Strategic Plan

Our Purpose


Learning to Live Full Lives in Flourishing Communities


Enable schools to work in partnership as communities and within communities, to provide every pupil with a high quality, principled education


Collaboration, Humility, Respect, Inclusion, Stewardship, Trust


Our Direction and Performance


Trust Direction and Performance


Our Actions

Removing Barriers Acting Locally Genuine Dialogue Seeking to Simplify Every Action Makes a Difference


The Purpose of our Trust

For Children and their families: We feel safe and secure as part of our school community because we are listened to and valued as individuals.  Our learning is inclusive and inspiring. Through rich and diverse experiences, we are challenged to widen our horizons and broaden our perspectives.  We love the extensive range of opportunities on offer and, as parents, the help we are given as we navigate our family journey. We are proud that our school is immersed in our local community. We understand our school's vision and values as part of St Christopher's Trust wider vision. 
For Our Schools and Staff: We are proud to be part of the wider Trust community because we are respected and valued as individuals. There are opportunities to be heard and ideas and suggestions are welcomed. We understand our role in contributing to the success of Trust pupils and schools. Our skills are developed through structured CPD and we are encouraged to aspire. We are pleased to be part of a wider organisation that is focused on developing everyone’s unique gifts and talents and know that we can confidently ask for help from colleagues and leaders.
For Directors and Governors: We know that the Trust plays an active role in enabling every school to flourish . We are assured that every pupil, staff member and family is included and supported to thrive and achieve. We are given opportunities and information that equip and develop us in our roles.  We are valued by leaders who enable us to govern effectively. We understand our roles as set out in the Trust governanace handbook.  We support the vision and values of the Trust and attend to its strategic aims ensuring pupils, staff, families and communities are at the heart of enabling our vision.


Direction and Performance Framework

Strategic Objectives
1. Actively Advantaging

1.1 Resources are transparently directed, based on contextual school information 

1.2 Increasing access to learning for pupils, their families and our staff 

1.3 Maximising the latent potential within our localities in the interests of building sustainable communities 

2. Championing Diversity

2.1 Inclusive provision enables all pupils to flourish and families to feel they belong.  

2.2 ‘People like me’ are flourishing in my workplace/school  

2.3 A bespoke, inspiring curriculum widens horizons and broadens perspectives 

3. Stewarding the Future

3.1 Balancing short term pressures with long term goals.  

3.2 Placing sustainability at the heart of all we do   

3.3 Self-sustaining ethos and culture network ensures Trust vision is protected and has an enduring impact  


Priorities and Indicators
1. Actively Advantaging

1.1.1 An improving picture for disadvantaged and pupils with SEND* 

1.1.2 Sustained improvement in all schools and accelerated where needed 

1.2.1 improved outcomes and provision for EAL pupils 

1.2.2 high levels of uptake of extensive enrichment and learning offers – pupils, families, staff  

1.3.1 volunteer workforce known, and impact reported.  

1.3.2 Partnerships and networks in place to support actively advantaging  

* see Trust data report/target setting   

2. Championing Diversity

2.1.1 An upward data trajectory for all pupils in all schools

2.1.2 Attendance is high, and suspensions and exclusions are rare 

2.2.1 pupil and staff surveys and recruitment/retention indicate a healthy culture.   

2.2.2 increasing alignment of staff and pupil demographic data with people like me in the best jobs 

2.3.1 Pupils see the curriculum as relevant to them and their locality  

2.3.2 The curriculum consistently enriches pupils’ experience beyond the national curriculum 

3. Stewarding the Future

3.1.1 Financially sustainable with sufficient reserves for future investment  

3.1.2 Effective and efficient hub working  

3.2.1 All areas of Trust life increasingly focused on sustainability      

3.2.2 Environmental polices contribute to Trust and locality sustainable practice  

3.3.1 Practice and provision is ably supported and therefore high quality in all settings 

3.3.2 Members and directors are assured by a clear and broad evidence base