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A warm welcome back to all 17 of our schools for the second half of term.

Welcome to St Christopher’s Multi Academy Trust

Welcome to

St Christopher’s

Multi Academy Trust


“Christ In All We Do”

Jo Evans

A warm welcome

I am proud to lead the wonderful seventeen church and community primary schools that are St Christopher’s Trust. The trust began in 2013 and serves communities within Devon, Plymouth and Torbay. At the core of our vision is the desire to celebrate the uniqueness of each school setting and enable them to flourish. This means that you shouldn’t really see much of the Trust as it works in the background, providing support and challenge to ensure the very best provision for every pupil in our care, no matter which school they attend.

The Trust has a board of directors who hold me to account for the day to day working of the Trust and in turn the board has delegated a range of decision-making abilities to each school’s local governing body. We believe local governance empowers the Trust by encouraging local oversight and feedback.

During this highly unusual time of the Covid 19 pandemic, all our schools remain connected to our pupils and their families. Each school is dedicated to supporting key workers and vulnerable pupils with on-site provision where needed and every school has tailored online learning to suit its community and context.

We are a Trust that believes that we are stronger together, through our commitment to collaborating in humility and respect, including everyone. We are stewards of our schools which have been entrusted to our care. It’s a privilege and honour to serve each locality and we do so from a secure Christian foundation that is St Christopher’s Trust.

Jo Evans - CEO

Our Vision and Values


Minded of the African proverb “It takes a village to raise a child,” we share skills and expertise across our schools and with the wider community.


We are the sum of our parts and recognise the contribution of everyone’s gifts and talents to our overall success.


We value the uniqueness of each school’s context, delegating decision making to skilled, knowledgeable local governing boards.


Our schools are places where everyone is made welcome and staff focus on removing barriers to learning.


Every school is a unique context supported to maximise its own resources.


We place great importance on our schools being open and transparent – not only sharing the good but also the not so good because in knowing our weaknesses we can work to address them.

Our Offer


We are committed to collaborative working at every level. As well as offering a range of face-to-face networking opportunities throughout the year, we also have a range of virtual learning communities made up of our 200 plus teachers, governors, support staff and leaders, fully focused on enabling every school to flourish.

School Improvement

Our headteachers are equipped to be leaders of learning, building capacity and fostering this positive culture in every school. Our experienced school improvement leaders facilitate peer-review as a basis for deepening understanding of current practice and provision, with a view to sparking fresh thinking and innovation.

Financial Support

We place a high value on our schools stewarding their own finances through a healthy dialogue with Trust officers. In addition, we work tirelessly to ensure the Trust’s resources are used to secure value for money and efficiencies for the benefit of all.


Our aligned financial and administrative systems enable schools to run efficiently, with support always on hand from the operations team who provide advice on matters such as financial management, human resources, health and safety and premises management.


Join Our MAT

St Christopher's Multi Academy Trust welcomes contact from individual Church schools or groups of Church schools considering conversion to academy status.

Join Our Team

The St Christopher's Multi Academy Trust senior management team take responsibility for the day to day running of the Trust and each member academy in partnership with the Head Teacher.

Our Academies

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God is not unjust; he will not forget your work and the love that you have shown him as you have helped his people and continue to help them.” Hebrews 6:10

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